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Ansel Adams App on the iPad
“Put down Angry Birds for a second and get some culture on your iPad. Little, Brown, and Company is publishing Ansel Adams for the iPad, a multimedia introduction to the man's life and work.” —AppScout

“Adams’ famous landscapes look stunning on the iPad.” —Publisher’s Weekly

“A must-have for any Ansel Adams fan.” —Appolicious

Finalist for a Publishing Innovation Award from Digital Book World 2011

This groundbreaking and very highly rated app, available on iTunes provides a multi-tiered introduction to the life and work of Ansel Adams. Taking full advantage of the remarkable screen resolution, backlit display, and audiovisual capabilities of the iPad, this app sets a new standard for the presentation of art and biography on a hand-held device.


The app was created in collaboration with The Ansel Adams Trust and includes:

  • A slideshow of 40 Ansel Adams photographs, with optional audio narration, written commentary, or synchronized music
  • Embedded video excerpts from documentary films about Adams, including the Ric Burns/Sierra Club Emmy Award-winning film for PBS, spanning Adams’ career
  • A rich selection of letters between Adams and leading figures in the worlds of art, photography, and politics, including Alfred Stieglitz, Georgia O’Keeffe, Edward Weston, Garry Trudeau, and Jimmy Carter, with many original letters shown in facsimile
  • Delightful and amusing vintage postcards that Adams sent to his closest friends, Beaumont and Nancy Newhall, while on the road photographing America’s wild places, with original postal stamps and cancellations, doodles, and hand-written notes, with flip-to-read functionality
  • Send-an-e-card feature, allowing the user to create an e-postcard with one of Ansel’s images, enter a message, and email to friends directly out of the app
  • Facsimile reproduction of the Ansel Adams Playboy interview, the most substantial print interview he ever gave
  • A chronology of key moments in Adams’ life and career and a complete bibliography
  • Links to websites of interest to Ansel Adams fans